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Interviews & Podcasts

The Un-Wellness Event

Managing Imperfections

Holistic Health

Mind Mistakes

Women's Health

Family Wellness

The Daily Struggle

Business Trials and Triumphs

Digital Delusions

Mental Health

Inspirational Stories

and more +


Meet our host and various expert influencers!

Juli Rathke

Host: Founder Y+L Magazines, #ExpertsClub and WāUv!

Stacey Holzer

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Becca Holcombe

Elements Wellness Co - Women's Movement Specialist

Tiffany Lord

Founder, Love & Asana - online yoga and badass mantra clothing

Sonja Meyer

@alifeuprooted, Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Expert

Taylor Rose

Yoga, Asana, Relationships + more!

About WāUv!

(pronounced: way of)

"It's a way of life!"

"A way of health is to ..."

"That's one way of doing it!"

"The way of the world is peace!"

... you getting the picture?

Live-to-recorded events. Be a part of the audience through Q+A's with experts in various topics. Most interviews hosted by Juli Rathke.

THEN, stay for more live classes, workshops, forums and conversations

with our experts online!!

WE RECORD EVERYTHING ... for later listening and downloads.

I know, I think it's cool too!

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WāUv is a trade name founded by Juli Rathke | A multi-passionate entrepreneur |